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BANT+ Frequently Asked Questions

What is BANT?

Businesses often struggle to decide how to allocate resources and maximize their profitability. One method of doing this is through BANT, or Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline. BANT is a sales qualification methodology that helps sales teams determine which leads are most likely to result in a sale. By using BANT, sales teams can quickly separate qualified leads from those that are not worth pursuing.

How is BANT+ better?

S2W Media offers BANT+ leads; these go above and beyond the typical BANT framework of Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline. With BANT+, you not only get asset promotion to your target market or account lists, our professional SDR teams located in Belfast UK, and Cordoba Argentina reach out to your prospects to have in-depth conversations. Our SDRs typically uncover more profound insights into who exactly will be part of the decision-making group, what are the key capabilities they are looking for in a solution, and other valuable information. BANT+ leads are also opt-in, so your sales team can dive into prospecting with inside knowledge to help accelerate the sales cycle.

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