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Generate leads with our 1st party audience. Meet your revenue goals with a fresh pipeline of consistent, quality leads.

Full Campaign Management

Connect with your dedicated demand generation expert. Delegate campaign planning and execution to the S2W Media team so you can focus on driving revenue.

Opted-in Qualified Leads

All leads generated from S2W Media lead generation campaigns are opt-in and GDPR compliant. Need double opt-in? We can do that too.

Content Syndication for B2B Tech Marketing and Sales Teams

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Marketing qualified leads for your nurture pipeline
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Digital and/or telemarketing outreach customizations
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Multi-touch and nurture campaigns
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BANT criteria campaign leads
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Profiling campaigns for deeper lead insights
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Generate registrations for your live or digital events

What is B2B content syndication?

Content syndication is an important part of a B2B marketing strategy. It allows businesses to reach a larger audience by sharing or publishing content across multiple platforms. Content syndication is a great way to increase brand awareness, drive leads, and build relationships with customers. Working with S2W Media, we take your existing high-value content and host it across our publishing websites. Based on the chosen tactics of your campaign, our team members email and call your target market to increase engagement with your content and brand.

How does B2B content syndication work?

B2B content syndication is a powerful technique for promoting content online. It is an effective way for businesses to easily share their content with a much wider audience, increasing their brand recognition and improving their online visibility. At S2W Media, our team of lead generation experts works with you to identify assets like white papers, infographics, on-demand webinars, videos, and blogs that will best be suited for your lead generation needs. We then identify what types of companies, and what individuals at those companies need to be targeted for your lead generation campaign. Your selected content is hosted with a gated form on one of our many publishing websites, then our teams of professional email marketers and telemarketers align on the targeting for your campaigns and begin coordinated outreach.

How will we know that the leads provided are up-to-date?

All leads generated through an S2W Media campaign are monitored for quality and accuracy. Every single lead in your campaign goes through a multi-step process to validate that they are an opt-in lead, and that the details included in their contact information are correct. We validate emails and phone numbers before delivering the lead to you

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