S2W pledges to put the health and wellbeing of employees at its forefront with vaccination drive.

The latest of many companies who have shown great responsibility in joining the fight to protect their workforces as the death toll from Covid-19 in India surpasses 400,000

PUNE, INDIA - S2W Media, a front runner in providing digital demand generation globally, has announced this morning that both phases of the company’s first vaccination drive have been completed.

The first phase completed on 25 June saw inoculations for over 120 of its targeted 140 employees residing in Pune, India. Those who had not received the vaccine were due to unforeseen circumstances or had suffered from symptoms of Covid-19 in the past three months. Some were also undergoing ongoing medical treatment preventing them from receiving the vaccine. On Saturday 17 July, as part of phase two of the vaccination drive, a further 50 employees had attended S2W Media offices and received their first dosage. This was inclusive of those employees who were unable to receive the vaccine previously.

Julie Strong, company CEO said: “The pandemic has shocked the world in the past sixteen months, but India has unfortunately faced the worst of it. No other country besides the US has faced more deaths and it is only Brazil and the former which has seen more cases”.

As casualties increase daily, S2W Media is committed to supporting its work force by partnering with Columbia Asia Hospital - Pune. On 3 June, the business announced to all Pune-based employees that it will support administering vaccines to them over the coming weeks and months ahead.

Strong adds, “Our responsibility goes beyond just the business but towards our staff too. We need to do everything within our capability to ensure good work place health and to reduce the impact of this virus on their health and well being. Having spoken to our employees, we understand the anxiousness and isolation they are feeling right now.”

The speed at which the vaccines have been administered is remarkable. On 25 June, nurses from Columbia Asia Hospital along with the support of, volunteers, housekeeping, and support staff set up a kiosk at S2W offices in Pune. Despite the overwhelmed healthcare services and limited supply of vaccines in the region, incredible effort, and work had been carried out in ensuring the vaccination of 120 employees within a matter of five hours.

In less than two weeks of phase 1 being completed, socialization and engagement had peaked, and this was very much apparent by 5 July with 100% of those injected having returned to the office with smiles.

On 17 July the second phase of the first vaccination had been completed and all employees (who wished to be part of the drive) have now received their first vaccination. Employees at S2W Media were very appreciative of the fact that the organization is supporting them at this time by arranging the vaccination, particularly when there is along wait for individual bookings.

S2W Media remains confident that its entire workforce based in Pune will be back to the office in the coming days and weeks, and pledges to continue placing the health and wellbeing of its staff at the forefront of business.

A goal has been set for all employees to receive a double vaccination by the end of October.  

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